Drywall & Sheetrock Installation

Walls Whole Again

Has your home’s interior become marred with a gaping hole in the wall? Perhaps you’re ready for some wall texture or even to remove or add a wall? VeriTend has the resources to make sure the work goes smoothly. We can repair water damage to drywall, remove popcorn ceiling, replace entire pieces of drywall or just fix a crack or patch your sheetrock. You probably know that repairing wallboard can be a painless process when completed by a drywall professional, but when performed by someone else, can be a disaster that creates a huge mess.

Textures, Sizes & Thickness

VeriTend takes the worry out of the process for you. We take pride in the finished product and that includes an attention to miniscule details that will leave your home as clean as or cleaner than before the project started. We’ve worked with countless textures, and wall sizes and shapes. We are also well versed in the different applications of sheetrock thickness that will address your specific needs. When it comes to drywall finishing, you will not find a finer company to oversee and follow through on the job we’ve done. If you have issues with cracking in drywall, rough areas or any damage, or just a general question. Don’t hesitate to ask VeriTend.