Handyman Services

Handy & Thorough

Some people have Honey-Dos and some people just have chores to do, but anybody who owns a house knows that the tasks involved in the upkeep don’t ever seem to end. VeriTend is your company to offload those troublesome responsibilities with what might be considered a Handyman Service. The difference between a reliable handyman and VeriTend’s affordable home services is the comprehensive, over-and-above nature of the way we do things.

Home Customizable Services

We know that every house is different, each will have a punch list of items that need to be completed on a regular basis, not including issues that come up beyond the scope of everyday upkeep. That is where our knowledge of your home pays off. VeriTend is going to keep records on what items and appliances you have, which lights you use and what wattage they are as we accomplish tasks as part of our services. We have the resources to fix everything from a wobbly refrigerator to fixing the alignment of the door. You don’t have to keep track of who will fix what, you just need to make one call to VeriTend; we’ll handle the rest.