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Hot Climate, High AC?

Most people think of Radiant barrier and insulation as being a cold weather concern. VeriTend has made it a goal to find out just how much can be accomplished in lowering expenses related to the hot climate we have here in Las Vegas.

Radiant heat barriers, whether they’re in the roof, blown in the attic, or expanding foam, can all make a difference based on your home in the bill you receive every month from the power company. At VeriTend, we’re experts at covering all the areas in your house that might make a big difference in the comfort you feel in your house and the tidy savings you can realize month to month.

Better Comfort, Lower Costs

Effective garage door insulation can affect the internal temperature of your garage by 10-15 degrees during the summer. Can you imagine what a whole-house, professionally executed radiant barrier design plan can save you? VeriTend has learned the science of what insulations make a difference and how to install them. You don’t need to worry about whether foil, radiant barrier paint or some other form of spray-on insulation is the best answer. We have the results and we’re equipped to put our knowledge to work for your house.