Maintenance & Organization

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Top to Bottom Home Maintenance

A home is like any operating piece of equipment; it needs to be maintained to last, and that can be complicated, time consuming, and downright frustrating at times. Dealing with a home repair contractor or simply sustaining your own home maintenance schedule can seem like a second job, maybe worse as a residence matures. VeriTend takes the headache out of any residential repair.  Even better, we can work with you to establish a comprehensive home maintenance program, indoors and outdoors, to ensure that you reap the benefits of the freedom you gain when you work with us.

Custom Tailored

VeriTend will custom tailor the home maintenance services that you want, and we start from the position that we will be able to get your property maintained worry-free, at a more reasonable cost than if you found the workers yourself.

With VeriTend, you’re not rolling the dice with the quality of workmanship and attentiveness you will receive. Whether you’re a new homeowner avoiding pitfalls or if you’ve been in your house for years, VeriTend can make the less pleasant aspects of home ownership go away while making sure that you get the most value out of what well could be your most expensive asset.

Expertise and Experience

What you can expect when VeriTend comes on board to maintain your home is expertise and experience. We work with you to establish a custom checklist of items that need to be part of an ongoing home service (don’t worry! We have a complete list of things that can be part of a maintenance program, but we’ll go over exactly what is important to you). Then you end up with a complete plan executed to VeriTend standards, by VeriTend certified service professionals and you don’t have to worry about a thing. The follow up and the follow through are guaranteed by VeriTend, and your single point of contact is VeriTend, and you have a house that’s a haven not a chore.