Pool Services

Active Pool  Chemical Testing

Not a Commodity

If you thought a pool cleaning service was a commodity, let us show you why VeriTend makes a difference to your day-to-day enjoyment of your swimming pool or hot tub. As you know, swimming pools and spas not only need to be cleaned and balanced with the right chemicals, but they also need to be maintained.  VeriTend gives you service, and more than that, VeriTend gives you expertise.

More than a Net and Test Kit

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Why is VeriTend the best pool cleaning service?” Because when you team with VeriTend you get more than just a pool cleaning service, at a cost you would pay for just the pool cleaning! Yes, we provide excellent, reliable cleaning and expert balancing of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness, but we do much more than to show up with a test kit and net once a week.

Sharing your Commitment

We at VeriTend know the commitment that a swimming pool or hot tub can mean to you and we also understand how your environment can evolve over time as you continue to enjoy your pool for years. That is why we provide expert information, resources and guidance in pool covers, swimming pool and hot tub area designs.  And we are completely versed in various methods of sanitization and filtering systems, and can help you with leak detection if that becomes an issue.

Setting Standards

VeriTend sets the standards, adhering to a maintenance schedule that will prolong the life and pleasure you get from your lido investment. We want to be the one phone call you make if you have any issues that involve your pool or spa. Our goal is to make sure that you think of VeriTend as a partner with a vested interest that goes beyond weekly pool servicing.