Air Filtration Maintenance

Particle Reduction

There isn’t anything more vital than the air we breathe. At VeriTend we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to making your home a pure, clean living space. We’ve had great experience harnessing issues with Las Vegas allergies through excellent air filtration products. We do this by taking a unique approach that focuses on clean air practices and can involve many special applications depending upon your personal needs.

What’s right for you?

Each air conditioning and furnace can have unique requirements to achieve the best filtration. Buying over-the-counter filters puts something in between you and the allergens and dust, but these units can also be expensive. Both from the monthly cost in buying the filters themselves after choosing the best supply store, and also the time it takes to change them. Then, some of the most effective filters actually burden your heating and air conditioning system! When electric motors have to strain, their longevity is threatened, and that’s why some systems put a limit on the rating (MERV) of the indoor air filter you use.
Dusting vent for air conditioning filter in ceiling

VeriTend’s Solution

That’s why VeriTend has developed a service that eliminates both of these issues for your home. We provide the best air filter for your ventilation requirements, making sure that you are always using a clean, efficient form of air purification, at the first stage, when the air is circulated throughout your house. The best part is that you’ll never have to shop for, clean, use a dirty unit, or dispose of another air filter. VeriTend does that for you, at a cost that will be well worth it.