Whole House Water Systems

Is Tap Water Good Enough?

Is it time to consider a different water solution for your house? VeriTend has the answers. If you’re like many Las Vegas residents, the water that comes from the city supply may not be exactly what you like to have in your house for your family and pets to consume.

The Water Dilemma

Like many other residents, you may wonder what the best solution for you might be. Is it a whole house filtration system? How is this going to affect your outside plants, and the wear and tear on your appliances? Las Vegas water is notoriously hard, and maybe you don’t have time to compare water filtration systems. Questions arise and debates abound as to which system works best. Is it Distillation, water softening, or some of the other newfangled devices that claim to accomplish softening without chemicals or salt?


You Don’t Need to Wonder

VeriTend has all that information and more. We are able to provide you with the solution that will work for your house. We’ve spent years comparing water filtration systems for the entire home, under the sink or just for the shower. We can explain to you what we know, and arrive at the best water filter system for your residence and your situation, and tell you why it is the best. You won’t have to sift through countless brochures for reverse osmosis systems and technologies, whether it’s three-stage or seven. Once we’ve worked together to meet your needs, we’ll arrange the installation and make sure that the whole operation goes smoothly and gets you the fresh, pure water you need.