Floor Care


Heightened Attention to Detail

You may not have looked recently, but if you get down real close and look at your floor you may find things you’d like to have cleaned or a little detail work done on your tile or carpet. VeriTend addresses a broad spectrum of Carpet, Tile and Hardwood floor care issues.

Extra Effort, Extra Clean

We have developed a VeriTend certified method of cleaning and maintaining tile flooring that can make your old tile seem new. It’s more than just staining grout and cleaning tile, or vacuuming the floor and steam cleaning carpet; it’s the way we go about the job, from start to finish. VeriTend has established a checklist in the procedure that guarantees that your carpet, rug or tile will look as good as it possibly can after we’ve done our work.

VeriTend also seals tile and ensures that complete grout sealing is intact. Whether we’re cleaning bathroom tile grout, porcelain or ceramic, we like to look at the process as tile restoration. If it’s carpet, we want it to be lush like the day it was laid.

Know your Options

VeriTend has extensive experience in refinishing hardwood floors as well. We will be happy to discuss the options available to you, from a thorough cleaning to the different options available when your hardwood is solid or plank. As expected, VeriTend will go the extra mile to ensure that the work doesn’t jostle your day to day life. That means follow-through that leaves the area we worked on in your home immaculate.