Professional House Painting

It’s All About Craftsmanship

We know you have a ton of choices when it comes to interior and exterior house painters, but consider this: VeriTend has worked with the finest craftsmen and exquisite designers in all aspects of painting. The idea seems simple, right? Pick something to paint, pick the color to paint it, paint it and then enjoy it.

But what makes the difference to you, the homeowner?

Sharp Detail

How about inspection to guarantee flawless, crisp lines? Color matching and schemes that achieve the design impact you wanted. Impeccable cleanup where you’re not going to notice a drip three months after the fact, but if you do, the work is guaranteed? That’s the service the VeriTend certified professional painting comes with. You don’t have to go around with blue tape finding any missed spots or imperfections. You don’t have to deal with the painters or a painting company, that’s what VeriTend handles for you. From unique textures to faux painting, even acoustic ceiling painting, we’ve got you covered.